Waterwings are water elementals that are penguin-like in appearance. The waterwing is a normal adoptable.

The beta form of the waterwing resembles a small, fluffy penguin chick. All three omega forms are similar, resembling a cross between an adult penguin and an orca, with a blubbery, bird-like body and orca-like markings. The the natural omega is black, white, and red in colour. The vital form is marked in shades of pale blue and white, but doesn't differ greatly from the natural form. The tainted form is a dark blue and grey in colour, with thick, fluffy tuft over each eye, and vestigial claws on the flippers.

In-Game Description Edit

"A water elemental native to Nox. They command surprisingly powerful water magics despite resembling simple animals."

Evolution Edit

Waterwing forms