Varanius are small, dragon-like robots used for general maintenance and repair. The varanius is a normal adoptable.

The beta form of the varanius is a single microchip, with a small red LED on one side.

The omega forms of this adoptable are all fairly similar, the most noticeable difference being the colours they come in. The natural omega is black-skinned, with bright pink hair and neon green eyes and markings. The vital form is white-skinned, marked with blue and possessing silver hair, while the tainted form is black-skinned and marked in yellow, with neon green hair. All forms of this adoptable possess green binary code along their sides.

In-Game Description Edit

"Tiny dragon robots invented by MIRACLE Energy Co. to perform maintenance for household and industrial use. They are powered by depleted miracrystal shards."

Evolution Edit

Varanius forms