Ref vampire




Racial, Chiraa

Average Height


Average Weight


Life Span



Any non-Schalle

Many viadante employ small bands of vampires and gargoyles to hunt for them, devouring the soul while the lesser creatures respectively sup upon the blood and flesh, leaving nothing.

Rumor states that vampires are the result of a viadante's cursed kiss. As the soul of a victim slowly withers away, the viadante's dark power may flow in to fill the emptiness left behind, and a vampire is born. Many viadante refuse to make vampires of their victims, as the new vampire irrevocably inherits a fraction of that viadante's power.

The living archetype, vampires are mysterious creatures that feed on living and, on occasion, give them the gift of eternal ask non-life. All humanoid can become a vampire, although humans and elves are the most common. Appearance wise, vampires undergo little change in their original being; skin becomes pale, the nails grow into claws, fangs of the shape and the eyes start to shine. Especially old vampires can also learn to conceal than other people or take the form of wolves and bats. Vampires rise their dens and coffins in the setting sun, and to return to them before it rises. A vampire required to housing as dawn breaks becomes frantic and desperate, sunlight attack their skin and reduced to ashes skin supplements those creatures fixed their cowardly souls. Some think this kills a vampire outright, while others believe the soul can go to the possession of people and seek revenge, if nothing is done. Old vampires are extremely powerful, well known as the most dangerous of all living, but all viadante vampire has a master, and the demons are even greater. a vampire does not have to be "evil", but their way of life requires that they must kill to survive. like their masters, vampires have the ability to turn a victim into a new vampire. Further, as their masters, this legislation gives the new master vampire a piece of power - but in return, the new vampire is linked to its creator and master their viadante. There are countless ways to ancient legends kill or repel a vampire, but most of them are completely absurd. Money is very effective against any form, however, that the weapons and trinkets delighted by the flames of Kelan Flarion and dragons, who see all living as a plague on the world.