Trinkets are small items that can be be given to your adoptables to hold them.

Known Trinkets:Edit


Clockwork Goggles:

All participants with valid entries in the first Valenth Fan Art contest recieved a special Clockwork Goggles trinket.

Trinket clockworkgoggles

"Wow-- a set clockwork googles from the first contest Valenth ever held! Hold on tight on these!"

Lab Gremlins:

All participants with valid entries in the Dr. Dreamscar's Bestiary contest received one of three different colors Lab Gremlin trinket.

Trinket labgremlin green Trinket labgremlin purple Trinket labgremlin white


Some baubles are handed out during special events to all users.

Frozen Erosion Bauble

Trinket frozenerosionbauble

This beautiful little figurine commemorates Winter Courting Day!

1st Anniversary Cake

Trinket 1stannicake

A cake specially made to celebrate Valenth's first anniversary!

Heart-Warmed Erosion Bauble

Trinket heart-warmederosionbauble

This bauble was handed out during Summer Courting Day.


These are four special trinkets, which can only be given to you on the Reputation page. BE CAREFUL. You can only get one of these trinkets ever. This is a very important choice, and you should be careful what faction you choose.

To clarify, you can only get one faction trinket ever. Not one trinket from each of the factions, but one overall. Choose wisely ;)

The Firestarters:

Ancient Phoenix Fetish:

Trinket ancientphoenixfetish

A tiny phoenix figurine made of a carved, ancient stone. It pulses with warmth when you touch it!

The Court:

Elegant Pinion:

Trinket elegantpinion

An ornamental pinion-feather from the wings of a bloodhawk. Tucks nicely into hair, and doubles as a beautiful quill.

The Somnambulist Project:

Clockwork Journal:

Trinket clockworkjournal

A sturdy leather journal with its own clock, spyglass, miniature photo machine and tools for taking specimens. Even better, it locks securely!

The Silent Rose :

Dream Shard:

Trinket dreamshard

A tiny piece of miracrystal held by brass boralion wings, given only to official members of the Silent Rose.


Those items can be purchased in the Shop with Krüs.

Varanius Doll:

Trinket varaniusdoll

If you cannot afford the real thing, this makes a nice, if quiet and rather stationary, substitute.

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Brocade Leupak Doll:

Trinket brocadeleupakdoll

A hand-sewn leupak doll made of fine brocade fabrics, with an opal facet.

Cost: 30,000 Krüs

Summer Lei:

Trinket summerlei

A necklace of flowers - only available during Summer Courting Day.

Cost: 15,000 Krus

Twin Sun Sigil:

Trinket twinsunssigil

The symbol of Valenth's twin suns Degregorius and Ciere. This trinket is only availble during Summer Courting Day.

Cost: 25,000 Krus