Valenth is a mid-sized planet in the Twin Dancers planetary system. It has a small, black moon--Chira, "little bat"-- and two suns, from which the system draws its name; tiny, yellow Ciere, and the much larger, blue Degregorius.

Life on Valenth is widely-varied, from common beasts and beings such as sparrows, dogs, and humans, to more fantastic fair folk, dragons and wandering spirits. (See: Adoptable for a partial list of creatures.) As a whole, the world is a great mash of natural forces, rampant and wild magics, and all manner of steam-science contraptions.

Valenth's prevalent races are often divided continentally; the fastest species to evolve and develop socially tend to spread across an area and eventually claim it as their own. Whether higher powers truly exist is up for debate-- in all recorded cases to date, revered "deities" are often corporeal beings in some form or another, such as powerful dragons, Behemoths, God-Emperors, or Chapters, for example (though many would argue that these sources are still greatly influential upon their followers). For this reason, large, organized groups and their leaders collectively hold more power over the world than any other source.

Below, each of the nine continents of Valenth are listed, along with incomplete lists of their main cities.

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The main players in popular Valenthian politics are the three Chapters, their Heirs and their Factions.