Founder: Elliot Christoph

Headquarters:Southern Dreamsong, Gier

"Not the Control"Edit

Compared to the Court, the Firestarters and the Silent Rose, the Somnambulist Project is just a tiny drop in the ocean of time. Founded by a mortal-- Elliot Christoph of Gier City-- it could be said to be as significant as a tiny seed in an ancient forest, comparatively.

And yet, the Somnambulist Project has provided something the other three have only recently begun to fathom-- an understanding of Valenth from the eyes of the mortals that live upon it.

Created to support and encourage the study of a rapidly-changing world, the Somnambulist Project opens its doors to all. To join, the only requirement is an inquisitive mind and a desire to help uncover the mysteries of Valenth, wherever they might be found and whatever such a vast undertaking might involve.

People-- and beings-- from all walks of life have taken part in the collaborative effort... a project that, most astonishingly of all, seems to have caught the attention of all three Chapters.

And now, unlikely or not, the Somnambulist Project journeys ever forward in a world full of mystery, magic, and conflict, unafraid and eager to learn more just for the sake of knowing.


The Project generally attracts individuals of a free mind interested in learning and open discussion. Anyone may join the Project at any time, regardless of reputation points.



  • The word 'somnambulist' means 'sleepwalker'.