aka The Dreaming

The Reverie is essentially, the world of dreams. All sentient beings capable of dreaming visit here regularly as they sleep, whether they realize it or not - their dreams take them there. The people of Reverie are a mixture of the sleepers and beings which are native to it, including leupaks, Boralion dragons and a mysterious subrace of Aeneski. The Reverie is ruled by the family and allies of the Dreamwaker.

Some believe that the souls of those who die when tainted with Mirajin enter here, leaving the cycle of life and death in Valenth and effectively causing the world's essence, vitae, to drain away and the planet to die. It is also believed that any living creature that physically enters the Reverie and dies there will be trapped within it forever.

Aetherholes open portals between here and Valenth.

Some places in Valenth exist in both that realm and The Reverie at the same time. The Dreamwaker's Cathedral of a Thousand Roses is believed to be among them.

Statistics Edit

Government: Oligarchy
Capitol: Laps-Lucienne
People: Revère
Population: Unknown

Climate: Variable
Biomes: Variable
Significant Fauna: Variable