IIl-os Vale loun pur! (Valenth; Pure once more!)Edit

They are loyal followers of Lord Kelan Flarion. Every Flarion dragon belongs to this faction from birth.

The Firestarters are one of the four factions which are currently accepting members. They require a certain level of reputation to join. Firestarter reputation points are earned by feeding lawful foods to adoptables, and can be lost by feeding chaotic foods.

Their headquarters is located in Schalle; to ensure that Schalle remains untainted, any tainted creature that draws too near the borders will be exterminated. A restriction list hangs in every major town, delineating what is acceptable in Schalle and what is not.


The Firestarters' goal is to embank and eventually revert the effect of the Fatis Mirajin on the world. Their reputation and presence in the public is formidable, since the Firestarters are known to dispatch dream- and tainted creatures on sight. Though their methods may seem extreme, the Firestarters do try to save the creatures that have been contaminated by mirajin radiation or food.

A ritual, performable only by learned Flarion dragons, can save tainted beings from the the Reverie. It is a difficult rite, and the Flarions must begin learning it while still very young. In the ritual itself, a Flarion transfers its own vitae energy to the tainted being, thus cleaning it and binding it again to the circle of Valenth. It cleanses the soul of the being, but cannot revert mutations that have already occurred.

However, the ritual to replenish the energy of tainted souls is not always effective; in these cases, the Firestarters believe that there is no choice but to release the creature from the inner pain stemming from its taint.


The Firestarters attract generally people that are strong-willed and who aim to return Valenth to its natural, untainted state. Through the motives of joining of every individual is different, they all have either the goal to protect the nature, or try to revert the effects of the dream crystal.


The Firestarters have invested considerable effort to replenish and protect endangered species of Valenth.

  • They have embarked on a conservation effort to assist the endangered Landdrake, whose numbers have been reduced by the practice of capturing and taming them for use as mounts.
  • The numbers of the Talstags had been slowly decreasing since the Fatis Mirajin was created. The remaining population was taken to Schalle for restoration and possible reintroduction.
  • The Waterwing numbers were greatly reduced by The Presences. The Firestarters' conservation and restoration efforts have paid off and waterwing populations have shown considerable improvement.