The Three Chapters by DNAThe Three Chapters; Kelan Flarion, Bastion Bloodhawk, Nefirian Dreamscar (with the Fatis Mirajin), artwork by DNA.

The Chapters are the Lords of Valenth. Some of the more superstitious citizenry of Valenth view them as gods. The three Chapters are known to be artificially long-lived Ancient Anshe people, and may be the last of their kind. At one time, the three Chapters were mortal and close friends. At some unknown juncture, the Fatis Mirajin changed them, granting two of them unusual abilities and, theoretically, granting all three of them immortality. Over time their differences of belief have grown more defined, to the point where relations between Kelan Flarion and Nefirian Dreamscar are extremely unstable. There has been at least one war between the two, and rumors speak of tensions mounting...

Each Chapter has an associated faction, as well as each being the father of a dragonflight.