Ref silisk




Dilni, Logos

Average Height


Average Weight

250-400 lbs

Life Span

65 years


Dreamsong, Chimre, Lucsus

An old race-- possibly older than even the Aeneski-- silisk are three-eyed reptilian humanoids with sturdy builds and good, steady hearts, closely related to basilisks.

They revel in hard work and good company, and are often found handling grunt work for companies and private individuals. Gender makes no difference; male and female alike are found at construction sites, in mines, operating heavy machinery and tending fields.

As a people, silisk have little magical skill, preferring work with their hands to study of the arcane. Because of their eagerness for work, they have forged a strong friendship with the chimaera of Lucsus. The majority of silisk who have left their homeland can be found there-- as well as the best silisk mercenaries on the planet.

Silisk myth states that they are the children of an alligator spirit by the name of Dilndrou.

Watching the dragons take wing high above his swampy domain, he wept for children of his own, and the first basilisks and silisk crawled from his footsteps, swearing to forever work the land in his honor.

The more delicate slithr have come about as a cross between silisk and humans.