Felld av
A leupak of House Sagarthay, a NPC



Sagarthay Felld is a black leupak belonging to House Sagarthay. Felld was first encountered during an event which took place in downtown Gier. Preceding events included the displacement of the Enxiryixx from their homes in Northern Dreamsong by earthquakes, and their subsequent appearance further south and apparent intrusion into the city of Gier itself.

Felld himself was found by residents and travelers wrapped up in a tough sac made from some sort of silken substance. Loud, horrible noises were heard coming from the cocoon-like sac, and some of the more adventurous onlookers took it upon themselves to free whatever was in the sac. Although disoriented and embarrassed at having been captured in the first place, Felld was grateful to his rescuers and proved to be a fount of Valenth knowledge.

Felld explained he was visiting Gier to procure an item for his House and was sent by his sire, Sagarthay Anom. Sagarthay Anom has a special interest in anything involving the gods of the Ancient Anshe, for the simple reason that so little is known about them.

House Sagarthay

Felld described his House this way:

"We Sagarthay collect and catalogue artifacts, trinkets, and information from past civilizations. We live to study, and study to live. Those of us who are not collectors are archaeologists and anthropologists.
Our venom is very mild; we use it to loosen and clean away dust and earth from artifacts, as well as to polish metals, woods and stones."

The Item of interest

The item Felld was sent to procure is highly noteworthy. It was described as an ancient sceptre.

"It's a sceptre crafted in the likeness of an elven God-Beast dated back to several thousand years ago, used in rituals to summon down the moon.... And our research leads us to believe that that particular ritual was used to create varworgn. Fascinating stuff, indeed."

Felld told those gathered that this ancient God-Beast was named Voghn. Voghn was the Ancient Anshe god of wolves. Legends say the moon, Chira was his consort.

Can this sceptre still be used for its purpose, creating varworgn?

"In the right hands, with the right knowledge.
And fortunately for this world, the right knowledge died with the Ancient Anshe ... Or, so it's believed.
They are functionally extinct, after all."

Questions Raised

Felld shared some very interesting speculations about the Chapters with those gathered.

"'And yes... the Chapters are indeed Ancient Anshe. But they are all male, and they are the only survivors of the race. Thus... functionally extinct.'
The leupak smiles a bit, knowingly.
'The real question is... were any of them speakers for the Anshe gods when they were mortal?'"
..."I can't say for certain whether any of the chapters were-- it was merely a musing. If they were, then perhaps the sceptre could be of use to them."

--Silver from Valenth 07:09, 4 March 2009 (UTC)