The Ros are leupaks from House Ros, a leupak House that specialises in matters of money. The Ros is a normal adoptable.

As members of an established house, all forms of the Ros are similar, being white leupaks with dull red and grey markings, gold claws and coin-like facets.

The main difference in the three omega forms is the attire of each; the natural Ros is dressed in a jacket with three-quarter length sleeves and a tophat, and carries a walking stick, while the vital omega is dressed in a sleeveless jacket and a matching hat, balancing on a pile of coins while holding a jewel-topped cane. The tainted fom is dressed in shirt, tie and suit jacket, with a matching hat and a monocle on a gold chain, while carrying a black briefcase. All three dress in the same shade of grey-green.

In-Game Description Edit

"House Ros is a group of financial specialist leupaks. All manners involving money and business are their forte. A word of advice from experienced chimaera: getting between a Ros and his krus is never anything less than a death wish."

Evolution Edit

Ros forms