The Prrb is a large, mostly off-white ursine creature with an alleged love for honey. It was originally created as a gift for Bastion, but has since gained in popularity across Valenth.

The Prrb (pronounced "purr-bh") is a generally mellow and unassuming creature, much like their patron.

For those of you perhaps wondering, "What is the difference in a prrb and a bear?", the answer is thus:

The antennae and color markings along with the higher level of intelligence are really the only difference.

Rumor has it that prrb, as a word, was invented by The Companion himself,  upon being questioned, as to the sound the Prrb makes. He is quoted as explaining to The Watcher;

If a bear was a cat, it would purr. But since a bear is not a cat, it prrbs. The "B" is for bear.

Treat them with care; It is said that one of the few things capable of rousing The Companion is the mistreatment of these gentle Prrbs.