The ochy are otter-like fae that live far beneath the surface of the ocean. The ochy is a normal adoptable.

The beta, natural, and vital forms of the ochy are all strongly resemblant of sea-otters, with dark fur on their bodies and light fur on their faces and chests. The major difference between the natural and vital forms is the items the creatures have adorned themselves with.

The tainted form of the ochy is the only form that displays the true nature of the species; caught in the act of either removing or slipping into its otter-like skin is the fae that is usually hidden beneath.

In-Game Description Edit

"Otter-like deepwater fae with the ability to remove their magical skins to become humanoid. They are native to Schalle, Aensdoun and Liasse, though they travel freely through the oceans. They distrust chimaera because the creatures always try to steal and sell their skins."

Evolution Edit

Ochy forms