The miraleupak is a limited adoptable, released on April Fools Day of 2009.

The miraleupak was a prank pulled on the members of Valenth for April Fools. As such, it does not possess a beta form, remaining in it's alpha stage form until it reaches omega.

The three omega forms are "scribble" style leupaks, with quick lineart and no shading. The natural is purple in colour, with blue whiskers. The vital is yellow in colour, while the tainted is white and blue. All forms possess star-like facets.

In-Game Description Edit

"The miraleupak is a special specimen shrouded in mystery. Chimaera smugglers retrieved egg samples from behind a laboratory in Laps-du-Ment...and it may just be that they've struck gold!."

Evolution Edit

Miraleupak forms