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A basic leupak with the colours and scale pattern of a beta mercurialleupak

The mercurial leupak was the first variation of the species to be released as an adoptable. Mercurialleupaks are normal adoptables.

Like all leupaks, the forms of the mercurial leupak vary greatly. The beta form is fairly simple, a basic, white leupak covered in shimmering, iridescent scales.

The natural form is blue and silver in colour, with silver spikes growing from its neck, back, shoulders and thighs. The vital omega is purple, black and white in colour, with a thick, pink and silver mane, and a tail that is split into three individual tails. The tainted form is a dull red, orange, yellow and green in colour, and appears to be the most vicious of the three forms.

In-Game Description Edit

"The first series of lab-grown leupaks given out by the Silent Rose Organization as an introduction to the species. Their adult form varies wildly based on the energies they are exposed to."


Mercurialleup forms