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aka The Flamekeeper, aka The Soul-Phoenix, aka Death 

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Kelan Flarion is one of the three immortal Chapters of Valenth. He is closely associated with the Flarion, the Landdrake and the Talstag.

A Ranger with a "knight-like" sense of honor, Kelan is the leader of The Firestarters and father of the Flarion dragonflight. His Heir is Lord Valdren Flarion.


Many millennia ago, Kelan Flarion, once a normal Elf of the Ancient Anshe people, was transformed by the Fatis Mirajin into something quite un-Elflike, along with his friends Bastion and Nefirian Dreamscar.

Today he and his faction, The Firestarters, are feared and hated by many beings on Valenth.


Despite the stories surrounding him, Kelan Flarion appears to be a quiet, reserved person with little love for violence or aggression. Described as studious and nature-loving, he often prefers to spend his time wandering the wilds of Schalle.


Kelan was gifted by the Mirajin with the ability to see the lifelines of all living creatures. This dubious gift causes him considerable suffering.

Every creature on Valenth that dies, dies through his heart.


"I am Guardian of Life, just as I am the one who points the Finger of Death when the time is proper. It has been this way for longer than even I can remember."

"I am not such a righteous creature that I shy away from failures which mark us all as sentient beings.

One may imagine that seeing the lifelines of everything, everyone to live might be an awe-inspiring experience.

But it is I who manipulates those lines. I cannot turn this "off", so to speak. It is a fearful thing, to be responsible for the lives--and deaths--of millions.

All the more so when the best friend one has ever had is included among their numbers. Awe-inspiring? No--it is sobering.

It is horrifying."

"Of course it's eyeshadow! "

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