The land drake is a species of non-sentient, flightless dragon. Land drakes are normal adoptables.

The beta form is a small, bipedal hatchling with scales that are green and brown in colour.

The natural omega form appears to be a mature version of the beta form, dark green and brown in colour, with red eyes. The vital form is a creamy white dappled with peach, its forearms slightly smaller than those of the natural. The tainted form is a much darker brown and green, and more primitive in appearance, with a tail spade, clawed forearms, spikes on the haunches and thighs, and traces of formerly functional anatomy in the vestigial wings.

In-Game Description Edit

"A landbound species of dragon, often trained as mounts and pack animals by the Anshe. They can be rather unruly unless tamed and trained properly."

Evolution Edit

Landdrake forms