The Landdrake
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unruly little bugger


Landbound Dragon

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Landdrakes are a species of flightless dragon. Among Anshe they are often trained as pack and riding animals. Despite their charming appearance as hatchlings, landdrakes can grow up to be unruly little buggers if steps are not taken to domesticate them properly.

They can be domesticated from birth, but in the wild they are a predatory species. When tamed they are an extremely intelligent and absolutely beautiful species. Many ancient forest-elven societies employed them as mounts.

Now, the practice is fairly rare, as they are in danger of going extinct. They are common only in Schalle.

Valenth has many native species of dragon; these are not sentient. They do however poses enough intelligence to be loyal when trained and vicious hunter when they hatch in the wild or stray to close to sources of miragin energy.

They are also associated with Lord Kelan Flarion.