NPC Marquise

Lady Marquise is the daughter of Bastion and Great Mother Opus. She is diplomatic, intelligent, insightful, and rational--all wonderful skills that help her lead her dragonflight, the Erosions. She, like her father, represents the middle ground between the other Chapters and dragonflights.


Unlike her older siblings, Lady Marquise is in full command of her faction, the Court; her father stays well away from their dealings, which is just the way she prefers it.

Today, she oversees her faction within the grand headquarters in Jetersborough, keeping busy with engineering work when not traveling abroad.

It is said that she is friends with the fellow responsible for inventing the varanius, and may have had a hand in the construction of prototypes.


Level-headed, sharp, and clever, Marquise is nothing like either of her parents. Though her service as the first Courtesan ended ages ago, modern Courtesans still emulate the traditions she set in place.



We've worked over many thousands of years to preserve the balance of power on our world.

Sometimes that requires nothing more than careful guidance of political powers; sometimes, but more rarely, it requires we go to war, sometimes even against our own kin.

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