A common kumos-- the creature that the natural form of the kumos was based on.

The kumos is a promotional adoptable, released to coincide with the official launch of the Valenth website. Kumos are native to the petsite Subetaa place with many other species.

Kumos are rather plain wolf-like creatures, with solid, single colour fur and crescent markings on the shoulder, thigh and left cheek.

The natural kumos takes it's form from that of the common kumos, a plain blue canine with pale blue fur, markings, and darker eyes. The vital form of this adoptable resembles the angelic form of Subeta's kumos, while the tainted resembles the bloodred.

Kumos are not native to Valenth, and as promotional adoptables are neither canon nor playable in official role-plays on site.

In-Game Description Edit

"A species of domestic canine from the planet Subeta. They're definitely not native to Valenth, so how did they get here?"


Kumos forms