Jaunty Hat Boxes are promotional adoptables, released to coincide with the Atebus Revolution Masquerade on Valenth's sister site, Subeta

A common archan-- the creature that the vital form of the Jaunty Hat Box was based on.

Despite widespread user assumption, the correct spelling of this adoptable's name is Jaunty Hat Box.

The vital form of the Jaunty Hat Box closely resembles that of the common Archan, whilst the neutral form resembles the common Montre-- both pet species from Subeta. The tainted Jaunty Hat Box, however, takes a more Valenth-appropriate form in the guise of a leupak. All three forms are dressed with steampunk style items in honour of the Masquerade.

Neither archans nor montre are native to Valenth, and as promotional adoptables are neither canon nor playable in official role-plays on site.

In-Game Description Edit


A common montre-- the creature that the natural form of the Jaunty Hat Box was based on.

"An old, fancy hat box found in a shop in Gier. It feels warm, and something decidedly unhatlike seems to be living inside!"

Evolution Edit

Jauntyhatbox forms