Imps are small, mischievous demons with a penchant for causing trouble. The imp is a normal adoptable.

All forms of the imp are fairly similar, vaguely humanoid with horns, wings and a demonic tail. The beta form is small, with large pupil-less eyes and skin coloured blue and grey.

The natural omega form is slender and a bright yellow in colour, with short, slightly curved horns. The vital form is chubby in appearance, black in colour, and has one straight horn, whilst the other horn appears to have been snapped off. The tainted form is a dark maroon in colour, with bluish highlights, its horns long and curved.

In-Game Description Edit

"Tiny devils made of a mix of elemental shadow and mirajin. They are troublemakers by nature, and tend to giggle nervously."

Evolution Edit

Imp forms