The heraldric dragon is a species of non-sentient dragon. The heraldric is a special adoptable, and can be bought for 20,000 krus once a user has achieved 300 posts on the Valenth forums.

Heraldric dragons are a "classic" species of dragon, with four legs, two wings, one head and a single tail. Despite being highly intelligent, they are little more than beasts.

The beta form of the heraldric is white and cream, accented by blues, greens and reds. The natural form of the heraldric is a dull red in colour, accented with yellows, oranges, blues and violets. The vital form is green in colour, with gold, cream and aqua accents, while the tainted is a dull blue, accented with a brighter blue, yellow, green and maroon.

In-Game Description Edit

"A rare species of dragon with brilliant scales and terrible dispositions. They are captured from the wild, broken, and sold by chimaera to people with the money and prestige."

Evolution Edit

Heraldric forms