A basic leupak with the colours and scale pattern of a beta halleupak

The halleupak is a limited adoptable, released to coincide with the Halloween of 2008.

Halleupaks are found in special tubes that somewhat resemble wrapped sweets. The beta form of the halleupak is orange and dark brown in colour, with bright yellow eyes and sharp fangs.

Like all leupaks, the omega forms of the halleupak vary greatly. The natural form appears to be a living Jack o' Lantern, a carving knife protruding from its side and wisps of flame dancing in the air around it. The vital form resembles a large bat, its forelegs transformed into small, useless wings.The tainted form is dark in colour, with stark white skeletal markings on the face, tail, whiskers and paws. Additionally, the tainted form appears to have wing-like markings on its sides.

In-Game Description Edit

"Strange leupaks that radiate a mischevious, almost haunting energy. They have a fondness for Autumn and sweets. "


Halleup forms