When one refers to a cat on Valenth, it is usually to the gierkett that they are referring. The gierkett is a normal adoptable.

All forms of the gierkett are fairly similar, differing mostly in colour and coat pattern. The natual gierkett is a solid brown in colour, marked in a lighter cream and dark brown, its eyes being a bright blue. The vital form of the gierkett is yellow-eyed, and pale cream in colour, marked with brown stripes.

The tainted gierkett shows obvious signs of mirajinoid contamination, having mirajinoid crystals growing out of its flesh, and a second tail growing beside the first. The most striking feature of the tainted gierkett, however, is its eyes-- both pairs being fully functional and a soft red in colour.

In-Game Description Edit

"The best-known species of domestic cat in the world, the gierkett is an intelligent and curious feline known for their widely variable patterns and gentle nature."

Evolution Edit

Gierkett forms