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Adoptables must be fed in order to grow and evolve, but they cannot die if they are not fed. Each time an adoptable is fed, its level goes up by one. At level 101, it grows out of its Alpha stage into its Beta, and at 501 into its Omega and was later chaged to 351. Foods fall into one of three alignments, Vital, Natural, and Tainted, and has an effect on the final (Omega) form of the adoptable. Once an adoptable reaches Omega stage, foods no longer have an effect on growth, though its level may increase indefinitely.

It is also possible to check what Omega they're currently heading for based on their mood -- eager is vital, calm is natural, and moody is tainted.


At the beginning, the three food types where referred as Holy, Neutral and Evil foods. Later, as the alignment page was put in place, the foods where named Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic ones. Now as the lore gets fleshed out even further, the foods are referred to as Vital, Natural and Tainted.  


The first original foods were Sundrop, Strawberry Tart, Wyrm Fruit, Stardust, Sparkling Water, Tainted Ichor, Ambrosia Nectar, Balance Elexir, Stolen Soul, Sunstone Pear, Faerwethr Roast and Stuffed Sprite. Suspicious Green Thread came soon after that and in 2011 new foods were added: Succulent Leaf, Crescentoise, Spinestalk, Flaskberry, Hot Yam, Fried Cocopod, Grilled Jadefish, Roast Goose and Mottled Sausage.

Valenthian foods, their alignments, and strengths
+25 (Weakest) +50 +75 +100 +125 +150 (Strongest)
Food sundrop
Food dreamdust
Food ambrosianectar
Ambrosia Nectar
Food sunstonepear
Sunstone PearSucculent Leaf
Food flaskberry
Food grilledjadefish
Grilled Jadefish
Food strawberrytart
Strawberry Tart
Food sparklingwater
Sparkling Water
Food balanceelixir
Balance Elixir
Food faerwethrroast
Faerwethr RoastCrescentoise
Food hotyam
Hot Yam
Food roastgoose
Roast Goose
Food wyrmfruit
Wyrm Fruit
Food taintedichor
Tainted Ichor
Food stolensoul
Stolen Soul
Food suspiciousgreentreat
Suspicious Green Treat
Food stuffedsprite
Stuffed SpriteSpinestalk
Food friedcocopod
Fried Cocopod
Food mottledsausage
Mottled Sausage

Seasonal FoodsEdit

Some foods are only available to feed during a certain time and give an additional alignment boost of their respective alignment.

Doctor's Ball Food 2008/9:Edit

Doctor's Ball Food was only available to feed during Doctor's Ball and give an extra alignment boost. Due to an error, this food was available for the whole year in 2009, after that it retired forever and was replaced with new food items. 

Vital: Food jellysyringe Jelly Syringe

Natural: Food gummiprrb Gummi Prrb

Tainted: Food buttercremebar Buttercreme Bar

Courting Day Food:Edit

Courting day food is only available to feed from the first of February to the beginning of March and from July first to August.

Vital: Food heartberry venison Heartberry-Roasted Venison

Natural: Food courtingmartini Courting Martini

Tainted: Food chocodelight Chocolate-Drenched Dremish Delight

Special Foods Edit

The Susipicous Green Thread comes from a graphical Error where a user had a Phebble Dragon from appeared in place of a food item. The admins then crated a real food item from it.

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