aka: the Vision Crystal, the Heart of Valenth

The Fatis Mirajin, or Dream Crystal, is a mysterious and powerful crystal.  It is the source of all mirajin energy in Valenth.  It is responsible for the creation of the leupak species as well as having transformed the three Chapters.  It is capable of mutating sentient and insentient living beings. The full extent of its effects is unknown, but a source of much contention and strife on Valenth.


The Mirajin was created by the Dreamwaker, and is currently in his possession. It was the accidental result of Dr. Dreamscar attempting to create a catalyst for his alchemical experiments. Originally, the size of a fist, over the millennia the Fatis Mirajin has grown to a much larger size. The exact location is unknown, but is often speculated to be in Laps-Du-Ment the capital city of Chimre, in the Cathedral of a Thousand Roses, the home of Dr. Dreamscar and The Companion. Others think the Dream Crystal is hidden deep within Mimore, guarded on all sides by mountain ranges and protected by the Iicarn.

Effects of exposure (individual)Edit

Exposure to the Mirajin causes living things to mutate. This mutation is usually uncontrollable, and always permanent.

Long-term effects on Valenth (planet-wide)Edit

The effects of the Crystal have been brought to the public's attention during a meeting called by The Flamekeeper. In the normal life cycle of Valenth, the souls of the living that pass away enter a place known as the Repository of Souls. Eventually, these souls are reborn, thus renewing the life cycle on Valenth. The Fatis Mirajin is essentially killing Valenth by removing souls from this cycle. Souls contaminated by the mirajin instead enter a place known as The Reverie. With the souls removed from the cycle, life cannot replenish itself, thus the very essence of Valenth is being drained away and will eventually cause the planet to die.