The Erosion
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Logos, various

Average Height

9'-14' (275-425cm) at shoulder

Average Weight

350-500 lbs (160-125 kg)

Life Span




Overview Edit

The Erosion dragonflight are the descendents of The Companion.  They are unique amongst the dragonflights, as they are four limbed instead of six.  Their forelimbs function as both wings and forelegs, enabling the dragon to move easily on land, on cliff faces, as well as through the air.  Their coloration is black with red-violet and gold accents.

All Erosion are members of The Court.  They serve terms as official Courtesans to assist and guide political figures throughout Valenth.  In order to best serve these interests, all Erosion can shapeshift into one and only one form.  They usually choose the form of the people they will be working with.  The Lady Marquise, daughter of The Companion, served as the first Courtesan and established the practices all Erosions follow.

There is a mystery surrounding the Erosion dragonflight.  It is unknown how new Erosions are born because the entire species is sterile and incapable of reproduction in the traditional sense.  The Erosion also have no known breath weapon.

Significant Erosion NPCs Edit

Lady Marquise, leader of the Court  

Courtesan Toria

Game Mechanics Edit

The Erosion are not a playable species.

Erosion adoptable

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