Enxiryixx swarmer full

An Enxiryixx Swarmer

Overview Edit

The Enxiryixx are a race of spider people.  They have a powerful venom, capable of taking down large creatures, and they will spin silken web sacs about their prey.  They are also able to make and wield bone knives.  They will not knowingly prey upon sentient species. 

The mortals were first introduced to the Enxiryixx in Gier.  Earthquakes in their home territory in Northern Dreamsong had displaced the Enxiryixx.  Evidence of their presence was first seen after several people were attacked and encased in web sacs.  Intrepid citizens opened the web sacs to find the victims included a silisk, an aeneski, a human, a leupak, and a dog.  Only the silisk, leupak, and dog survived their experience.

The second encounter with the Enxiryixx happened several weeks later.  The encounter was preceeded by a disturbance of the local gierkett population as the cats were seen fleeing an area of Gier in large numbers.  Shortly after, the ground began shaking and burst open.  Several Enxiryixx swarmed out of the hole and began capturing and killing people on the street.  The population either fled in panic or began fighting back.  However, one citizen began mimicking one of the Enxiryixx which startled the creature.   

Eventually, another arachnid appeared and made a loud call, apparently ordering the attack to cease.  This arachnid turned out to be the Erosion, Courtesan Toria.  Toria explained the attack was a mistake because the Enxiryixx did not understand that surface dwellers were sentient creatures.  The Enxiryixx queen sent an apology to the surface dwellers through Courtesan Toria, and made a gift of the Xxaltidis.  The Xxaltidis are a non sentient spider species which the Enxiryixx keep as pets - similar to dogs.

Significant Enxiryixx NPCs Edit

Courtesan Toria, aka The Mysterious Arachnid - the Court's official representative to the spider people

Enxiryixx Swarmer - an enxiryixx warrior who learned an interesting lesson about surface dwellers when its prospective meal began communicating with it

Game Mechanics Edit

The Enxiryixx are not usable as player characters