Miss (or Sir) Elliot Christoph is a female human native to the city of Gier.

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She is the founder and leader of the Somnambulist Project, and is the only mortal currently in charge of one of the four large factions in Valenth.


Members who join the Somnambulist Project are given a brief background of Miss Christoph.

For the first several months of Valenth play, Miss Christoph did not reveal herself, instead a representative of the Somnambulist Project would communicate with Valenthians. When Miss Christoph finally did reveal herself, there was some confusion as to her gender because of her name and picture. Thus, why some call her "Sir Christoph."

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What exactly is Miss Christoph's relationship with Dr. Dreamscar? And how does Selarion Mimiron fit into the picture?

It was recently revealed that Dr. Dreamscar has offered a standing invitation to join The Silent Rose to Miss Christoph. So far, she has refused. However, the two seem to be close, sharing tea or breakfast on a regular basis. And, in some sort of shared dream, all the members of Valenth heard the voices of Dr. Dreamscar and Miss Elliot, but there were no visuals to help clarify just what exactly was transpiring. This event lead to much speculation.

Selarion was (not) seen departing from a back door of the Somnambulist headquarters. What might this imply?