Dreamsong consists of two regions, Northern Dreamsong and Southern Dreamsong.

The northern region is wild, and barely settled. Its main inhabitants are various smallfae tribes, who are constantly battling. Kobolds and goblins have settled on the ground, building their dens and shelters. In the trees, pixies and sprites make their homes. Deep underground, the enxiryixx live their secretive lives in their tunnels. Also found in this part of Dreamsong are black lions, which have dark red fur and dark manes. The smallfae like enchanting these lions into terrifying shapes to scare away intruders or savage other tribes.

These smallfae are incredibly hostile to intruders, acting surprisingly aggressive and cruel to any passing Aeneski or silisk. However, a few do manage to make their home in Northern Dreamsong. Indeed, despite the smallfae, the region's only big settlement is Faerwethr, the silisk city.

On the contrary, Southern Dreamsong is populated by non-smallfae, full of large settlements, though much wilderness remains. Indeed, the region has many dense, old forest and greenery, and is incredibly vital. However, with industrialism and larger races, the settlements of Southern Dreamsong are growing, causing the wilderness to gradually retreat. The largest city and capitol of Southern Dreamsong is Gier. However, Jetersborough further south is almost as big, and equally powerful.

The parts of Dreamsong closest to the mirajin-ridden lands of Chimre and Mimore are in Southern Dreamsong. If you head towards Chimre, the plants and animals both get more strange. In the land between the two countries, Shining Wood lies, a forest of eerie, frozen beauty full of crystalline flowers and trees and bizarre, mutated animals mixed with entirely ordinary plants and animals.