Date: 4 April 2009

This event is a role-play topic held in the Dreamsong Gazette forum, and can be reviewed in detail in the official Valenth role-play thread.


The event seems to take place in the bedroom of Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar and Bastion. Both can neither sleep, nor enter Reverie, and are apparently kicked out of it as soon as they enter. After some conversation, Bastion begged Nefirian to drug them both in order to finally get to sleep, and after some hesitation, Nef agreed to it. He retrieved a small bottle of "Nachtout" and a syringe from somewhere before taking it back to the bedroom, and gave Bastion an injection in the arm. Sadly, the medicine didn't affect him, despite the apparently high dosage. Bastion begged for more, but Nefirian refused to give him another injection; such a high dosage could kill him. Bastion then convinced Nefirian to lay with him a bit in bed, in the hopes of getting some sleep.

What happened further is unknown.