A basic leupak with the colours and scale pattern of a beta chroma leupak

The chromaleupak was the second variation of the species to be released as an adoptable. Chromaleupaks are normal adoptables.

Like all leupaks, the forms of the chromaleupak vary greatly. The beta form is fairly simple, red and white in colour with eyes, facet, claws and back spikes.

The natural form is a brilliant green in colour, marked in yellow and white. The vital form is blue-green in colour, with purple markings, yellow eyes and facet. The tainted form is a bright red in colour, marked with magenta, with massive spikes growing from its shoulders as well as a pair of curving horns on its head.

In-Game Description Edit

"The second series of lab-grown leupaks given out by the Silent Rose Organization as an introduction to the species. All forms display bright, vivid scale colors and patterns."


Chromaleupak forms