The boralion is a limited adoptable, released shortly after the launch of the Valenth website, and discontinued a few months later.

Boralions are large, burrowing dragons, with massive, powerful claws adapted to their subterranean life. Their hides are coloured in shades of purple, and studded with mirajinoid crystals. The boralion's wings, and to a lesser extent, their hides, shimmer in a brilliant rainbow of colours.

All forms of the boralion adoptable are similar, with only slight changes in hue and crystal adornment to differentiate between them.

In-Game Description Edit

"The draconic children of the Dreamwaker, great beasts with rainbow wings and iridescent scales. They are exceedingly rare and typically docile, but the crystals that grow from their hides radiate a huge amount of mirajin energy."

Evolution Edit

Boralion forms