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aka The Companion, Lord Bloodhawk

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Bastion is one of the three immortal Chapters of Valenth.

Sometimes called Lord Bloodhawk, Bastion has spent many a millennium on Valenth. He is one of the Ancient Anshe, and he is also one of the very few living things apparently unaffected by the Mirajin. Though the Flamekeeper says Bastion has been affected by the Mirajin, it is unknown how, in what way, or to what extent.

He is the consort of Nefirian Dreamscar, and he's most closely associated with the Prrb and the Bloodhawk, both species being created by the Lord Doctor as gifts.

His Heir is the Erosion Lady Marquise, but they do not get along. Marquise oversees The Court, and Bastion has as little to do with the faction of diplomats as possible, preferring to avoid politics.


In his younger, mortal days Bastion was a soldier and fought in a long ago war. It was during this war that he befriended Kelan Flarion. The two consider each other to be their oldest friends.

Bastion also has a love of sailing, to which Dr. Dreamscar attributes Bastion's physique. The two met while Bastion was looking for a diversion during shore leave. It was also let slip that Bastion plays the harp.

By the common people of Valenth, Bastion is seen as the god of love and lovers, as well as fertility.


Much like his Prrbs, Bastion is largely viewed as someone with a gentle nature. He also seems to enjoy being waited on hand-and-foot, as was revealed when he caught a cold during the winter. He interacted with some mortals while looking for someone to heat his soup up for him.


Other than immortality, it is unsure of how the Fatis Mirajin has affected Bastion. No abilities are apparent. He is unable to shapeshift without help, but for reasons unknown is referred to as "the original Prrb."

"Bastion has his own part of the balance to uphold, and when he isn't performing his... "duties", he's usually resting.
It's amazing he doesn't sleep forever, with how many he coaxes under his spell..." -



"Oh, Nefirian~ This Courting Day I couldn't be cheerier~ Your stomach's now as wide as your posterior~ Oh Nefirian~"

"It'd be silly if Prrbs didn't 'prrb', wouldn't it? It's why they're called Prrbs! Prrbs like honey. Bees make honey. Bees have antennae. Antennae help Prrbs to find honey."

"My gift to Nefirian will be FOOD POISONING."

Notable [Gazette] InteractionsEdit

The Companion has recently been spotted celebrating Courting Day, something he was very excited about even though he had some problems with thinking up a good gift for Nefirian. Rejecting ideas like plushies and self-made dinners, he eventually wrote a song, but it is unclear if this was ever presented to the good Doctor, and if it was - what he thought of it.

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