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Alignment is a general descriptor of personality and tendencies. On Valenth, this value is determined on a sliding scale between Law and Chaos with many shades in between.
Good and Evil are in the eye of the beholder--and even the most virtuous of beings can seem twisted through the eyes of another.

Sliding scale of alignmentsEdit

Perfect Law

Pure Law
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Absolutely dedicated to upholding moral right regardless of situation or consequence.
Emotions such as mercy and anger are irrelevant; Law is Law, and comes before all else.

Imperfect Law
Law Dominant, Neutrality Recessive
Alignmentbar il

Largely compelled to hold to society's moral guidelines when possible.
Mistakes and misjudgements happen--and sometimes, things may be let slip due to conflicting emotions.

Neutrality Dominant, Law Recessive
Alignmentbar no

Calm, rational, and genuinely interested in the well-being of others. Personal flaws are insignificant; everyone deserves care and assistance.

Pure Neutrality
Alignmentbar n

Acts based on the given situation.
Consideration of circumstance and possibility leads to decision.

Neutrality Dominant, Chaos Recessive
Alignmentbar q

Relatively stable, but impulsive or flighty on occasion.
Prone to spontaneity to a minor degree.

Chaos Dominant, Neutrality Recessive
Alignmentbar u

Impulsive and unpredictable to a degree; what matters today may mean little or nothing tomorrow.
Functional when settled, but potentially dangerous in stressful circumstances.

Pure Chaos
Alignmentbar a

Impossible to read; alliances and friendships are opportunistic and short-lived, if even acknowledged.

Self before all else...or absolutely no concern at all.