Send your adoptable off to foreign and magical areas of Valenth! By purchasing a background from the agency, you can personalize your pet even more.

To see previews of how your pet will look on a backround you can go visit this Valenth Fansite:



Dreamsong Plains:

Bg dreamsong pl

Send your adoptable to the Dreamsong Plains and let them have an unforgetable day!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Dreamsong Forest:

Bg dreamsong fr

Let your adopable explore the mysterious Dreamsong Forest!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Deep Cavern:

Bg deep cvrn

Some adoptables like to have a quiet place to relax.

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Boralion Cavern:

Bg boralion cvrn

Send your adoptable to the magical Boralion Cavern!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Gier City:

Bg chimre cty

Let your adoptable enjoy the rooftops of the capital city of Valenth!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Laps-du-ment Garden:

Bg lapsdument grdn

Let your adoptable enjoy the beautiful Laps-du-ment Gardens!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Clockwork Catwalk:

Bg clockwork

Your pet will enjoy the interesting machines there!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Fields of Aensdoun:

Bg aensdoun field

Let your pet relax in the Fields of Aensdoun!

Cost: 10,000 Krüs

Clear Background:

Bg nil

Deletes the current backround and switches to the standard one.

Cost: 0 Krüs


Circular Frame:

Bg frame circ

The round, golden frame with a decorative dragon will bring every adoptable to shine!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Red Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow red

This rich, red pillow will satisfy even the most extravagant adoptable!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Indigo Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow indigo

This pillow will give every adoptable a reason to sleep on it!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Burgundy Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow burg

Even male pets will love this pillow!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Black Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow blk

A pillow for even the smallest villians!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Amber Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow amber

This sunny pillow cheers everyone up!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Orange Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow orange

A bit of orange a day keeps the doctor away!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Emerald Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow emerald

A pillow for the green lovers out there!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Teal Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow teal

A pillow for the aquatic pets, they will love it!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Pearl Royal Pillow:

Bg pillow pearl

Keeping that clean is sure harder than you think!

Cost: 5,000 Krüs

Silent Rose Emblem:

Bg faction sro

A Silent Rose Emblem to decorate your adoptable with!

Cost: 15,000 Krüs

Firestarter Emblem:

Bg faction fire

A Firestarter Emblem to decorate your adoptable with!

Cost: 15,000 Krüs

Somnambulist Project Emblem:

Bg faction sp

A Somnambulist Project Emblem to decorate your adoptable with!

Cost: 15,000 Krüs

Court Emblem:

Bg faction court

A Court Emblem to decorate your adoptable with!

Cost: 15,000 Krüs