The World of Valenth

Aensdoun, the ancestral home of the Aeneski--and the Ancient Anshe people--is like a slightly warmer Schalle. Aensdoun is the chief stronghold of the Anshe and the birthplace of magic in Valenth. Its vast, wild woodlands are jealously guarded by its elven majority and kept largely free of Mirajin taint.

Statistics Edit

Government: N/A
Bg aensdoun field

Fields of Aensdoun

Capitol: N/A
People: Anshe
Population: 220,000
Anshe Cities: Klyri

Climate: Temperate to Continental
Biomes: Temperate forests, rainforests and grasslands, flooded grasslands, wetlands
Significant Fauna: Bears, Bison, Dinosaurs, Elk, Foxes, Megadeer, Panthers, Rams, Rocs, Smilodon, Tigers, Worgn